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Your Cryptocurrency Coach

1-on-1 Private Coaching: A Primer on Blockchain Tech, Investing, and How to Get Started

Hi! My name is Adam Ghahramani, your cryptocurrency coach.

We're in the early days of Bitcoin, the blockchain, and cryptocurrency, so everything is unnecessarily complicated and techy. You can probably learn the basics yourself, but it's a grind with trial-and-error and many scammers and hackers lurking. Instead of wasting 20 hours and accidentally losing thousands of dollars, I'll jump on a call or Skype with you and clear the fog in one session, customized to your interests and tech level.

Why should you hire me?

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I customize each call to your interests and technical level. I can explain how the technology works, whether or not to invest, what to invest in, or where the technology is headed. I can also give career advice if you're trying to get a job in cryptocurrency.

Pricing will be $300 (launch discount: $200) per call or Skype (max 1 hour).

To schedule, simply click here. You'll be asked to pay with your credit card. If you'd prefer to pay through PayPal or in Bitcoin, happy to coordinate that.

If you have any questions drop me an email.

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