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Your Cryptocurrency Coach

1-on-1 Private Coaching and Training: A Primer on Cryptocurrency and Bitcoin Investing, and How to Get Started

Hi! My name is Adam Ghahramani, your cryptocurrency coach and one-on-one trainer.

We're in the early days of Bitcoin, the blockchain, and cryptocurrency, so everything is unnecessarily complicated and techy. You can probably learn the basics yourself, but it's a grind with trial-and-error and many scammers and hackers lurking. Instead of wasting 20 hours and accidentally losing thousands of dollars, I'll jump on an intensive call or Skype with you and clear the fog in one session, customized to your interests and tech level.

Why should you hire me?

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You'll likely only need one session. I cover an enormous amount of material in 1 hour (often longer) via Zoom or Skype that's customized to your tech and financial level. You'll want to take lots of notes! A lot of what I cover isn't publicly available.

You'll learn how to invest in the major coins and in smaller alt coins, in how to think about crypto as an asset, in security considerations, in how to earn interest off your investments, in how to vet projects, and in how to discover projects. And tips and tricks galore.

Pricing is $200 for the primary session and if you need additional help, that can be billed in 15-minute increments. Every client has told me they've made an ROI.

To schedule, drop me an email. Payment is done in PayPal, Venmo, or (of course) crypto!


"Adam is an amazing crypto coach and mentor! He was very patient with me when I asked simple beginner questions and is extremely knowledgeable. I was able to connect with him after my coaching session and he helped guide me, a true gem! Thank you Adam!!" - Dr. Rosaria D., NYC

"Thanks for the recommendations and all of the assistance that you have provided me the past couple of weeks. I wouldn't be where I am today in the crypto world without your mentorship. Wishing you all the best!" - Matt W., Chicago

"Adam was great with helping me manage my cryptocurrency fund and providing advice on what to buy. I was grateful to have someone with his background and knowledge explaining the in's and out's in a way that simplified the whole process. It's been a very positive experience and I'm really pleased with the return so far. Thanks, Adam!" - Cheryl C., NJ

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Here are my favorite 3 cryptocurrency articles I wrote. All of them became widely circulated online.

See you soon!